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Monochrome, wooden flowerstick, with black wooden handsticks

WoodiX is thicker and heavier than fiberglass sticks, so it moves more slowly during the game. In addition, the flowerstick is stiff, making it more difficult to perform subtle, faster tricks, and due to its fragility, it is NOT recommended for leg tricks. However, many people prefer to play by hand with a thicker, stiffer flowerstick, which they find more suitable with this one. But for a nice spin between your fingers, we recommend our thinner (fibreglass) sticks.

Recommended as a second stick or for advanced players who like a slower game.

FlowerstickHandsticks (2 pcs)
Material10 mm diameter wooden rod (steamed beech)10 mm diameter wooden rod (steamed beech)
Cover2,5 mm thick, gripping cover2,5 mm thick, gripping cover
Weight160 g92 g
Length50 cm rod (63 cm with tassels)42 cm
DecorationUV active, monochromeblack
Tasselblack rubber-

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Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023

Customers said

I received the flowersticks One week ago.. and they are incredible! 

I ve already achieved some skills that i was not able to do with the other flowersticks, they are elastic and perfectly balanced… I love It       

And as i said in the First e mail, also the estethic it’ s awesome.

They are even Better then i though 

Thanks a lot! 

Thiago Molino, Point-Saint-Martin, Italy

so after a few Days playing with these Sticks I only can say they are absolutely Amazing!! They are really cool and easy to play and you can progress very very Fast!!

So thank you very much for this amizing product and piece of art!
You’re doing a really good job making them !!


Daniel Albrecht: Garmmisch-Partnerkirchen,Germany 

Hi guys!       

Got new stixx by mail, and love it! Very nice glowing finish. 🙂

This just reminds me, how bad my old stick grip was. 🙂




Aatu Salminen: Turku, Finland





The most important basic moves of the flowerstick game are in this trick. Lift, catch/ stop the stick in the air while spinning it.

2.One handed Spin


One of the basic moves of the game: Spinning the flowerstick in the air with a handstick. Doing a few hoops is not difficult at all, yet spectacular.



One of the most spectacular elements of the game, but to really impress your audience (and yourself), it’s important that you can do the Helicopter and the One-Handed spin with confidence.



The first steps of the trick are not difficult. Feel free to start your flowerstick learning right here. But to make it a spectacular part of your game, you’ll need to know more tricks (especially the Helicopter and the One-Handed spin).