XtremestiX - Product History b.c. 3000.


Until nowadays, we teached for hundreds of thousands the basic of the game, and you can find many thousands of our products from Brazil till South Korea. We love flowerstick not just because it gives fun, but it is also a useful thing for all, who plays with it.

Our definite goal is to familiarize devilstick/ flowerstick with as many interested people as possible and to give the best juggling stick to them forever.

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XtremestiX - Product History

3000 BC

3000 B.C (Not XtremestiX)

XtremestiX 3000 B.C (Not XtremestiX)

The origin of the game has about 5000 years roots until the ancient China, India and Egypt. They made it from wood, leather and stones, and played meanwhile rithual dances and developing skills and concentration before fight.  


2003 – XtremestiX

XtremestiX 2003 – XtremestiX

Our first sticks were made by wood, used tyre tube, paper and glue. They were vulnerable, and not easy to play with is because of the week cohesion.  


2006 – XtremestiX

XtremestiX 2006 – XtremestiX

We started to use UV-active decor-paper, which made the spinning more attractive even if there was no UV light.  


2008 – XtremestiX

XtremestiX 2008 – XtremestiX

From this year we used silicone instead of used tyre rubber, which provide much longer life for the sticks and better adhesion as well. It means less falling down and better plus quicker tricks too.


2009 – XtremestiX

XtremestiX 2009 – XtremestiX

We started to produce our sticks from elastic, unbreakable glass fiber core. Thanks for it, hand-tricks became easier, and foot-tricks became possible.


2011 – XtremestiX

XtremestiX 2011 – XtremestiX

We succees to replace the used tyre rubber and since then, we produced our stick-tassel by professional rubber.  It means better balance and longer life for the stick.


2013 – XtremestiX

XtremestiX 2013 – XtremestiX

New decoration materials and technic made it possible to produce sticks with attractive, individual design.


2015 – XtremestiX

XtremestiX 2015 – XtremestiX

This year we jumped quite a lot. We obtained a new, extra tacky silicone, which made our sticks really the best on Earth. It provides much better adhesion for cooler and more quicker tricks.


2017 – XtremestiX

XtremestiX 2017 – XtremestiX

Protecting cap on end of handsticks. It is a small step, which does not influence the game, but hides the last imperfect part of the stick. Since then it looks really professional.

Our customers said

“Thanks for the fortune, to meet with XtremestiX. This is really an amazing toy, which make not just fun every time, when my son is playing with it, but it also makes better eye-hand coordination, reflexes and concentration. My 9 years old son plays with the sticks every day, and what’s more, his classmates are also infected :)”

Alice, Strasbourg / French

„XtremestiX team certainly motivate students to juggle! With their impressive skills, their patience, and their progression instruction, they can get children of all ages doing impressive tricks in no time at all. This is a great exercise for concentration, hand-eye coordination, exercise, relaxation and fun. They have visited our school more than once and each time they motivate children to join in.”

Richard Dyer / Principal, British International School, Budapest