Flowerstick Tricks

Below you will find 7 tutorials that build on each other, explaining step-by-step the most important elements of how to play the flowerstick and devilstick. It is important – if you are a beginner – to practice the first 2 tricks first (it doesn’t matter which one you start with), then you can alternate videos 3, 4, 5, 6 at your preference; and leave step 7 for last



One of the most important flowerstick tricks. The basic move of the flowerstick game. Lift, catch/ stop and spin the stick in the air.

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2. One-handed spin


One of the basic moves of the game: Spinning the flowerstick in the air with one handstick. Doing a few hoops is not difficult at all, yet spectacular.

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3. Bicycle


With two handsticks, you roll the flowerstick in front of you as if you were riding a bicycle. It’s not a difficult trick, but to incorporate it into your game (combine it with other tricks), you need to know more tricks.

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One of the most spectacular elements of the game, but to really impress your audience (and yourself), it’s important that you can do the Helicopter and the One-Handed spin with confidence.

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The first steps of the trick are not difficult. Feel free to start your flowerstick learning right here. But to make it a spectacular part of your game, you’ll need to know more tricks (especially the Helicopter and the One-Handed spin).

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It basically means playing with the flowerstick without handsticks. But it also includes an important and particularly spectacular element: when you twirl the flowerstick between your fingers.

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7. The Wave


The only really “advanced” trick. It requires a high level of knowledge of other tricks (especially the Helicopter and the One-Handed spin). However, once you learn the wave, you unlock the 4th dimension of the flowerstick game 🙂

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Flowerstick tricks - All 7 tutorials in one

If you like, you can also watch all 7 of our devilstick/ flowerstick tricks combined – from beginner to advanced level. Good luck, hang in there, get more skills and have lots of fun! 

Customer reviews

So after a few days playing with these Sticks I only can say they are absolutely Amazing!!

They are really cool and easy to play and you can progress very very Fast!!

So thank you very much for this amizing product and piece of art!

You’re doing a really good job making them !!”

Daniel Albrecht / Garmisch-Partnerkirchen,Germany

“I received the flowersticks One week ago.. and they are incredible! 

I ve already achieved some skills that i was not able to do with the other flowersticks, they are elastic and perfectly balanced. I love It!

And as i said in the First e mail, also the estethic it’ s awesome.

They are even Better then i though 🙂

Thanks a lot!”

Thiago Molino / Point-Saint-Martin, Italy


It’s absolutely a pleasure to see our children to practice in the morning…and husband to. Even I tried. Great value for money.

Look forward to keep in touch. 

Best wishes,     

Kren family from Slovenia”

Dragica Kren / Slovenia