About flowersticks

How do I look after it? How do I clean the Flowerstick?


Flowersticks and handsticks that are made of wood are worth paying more attention to. One wrong move (kick, sit on it, step on it) and it can break. Fiberglass is very durable, but nothing is unbreakable. However, a fiberglass stick will definitely not break during play. Feel free to kick it as hard as you can, even a car can drive over it and it won’t get damaged. However, if somebody wants to break it on purpose, they can destroy it. So don’t try your strength on it :), and don’t jump on the fibreglass – hollow – handstick on purpose.


It is worth playing on grass, pavement, or wooden floorboards. Other types of surface (soil, sand, mud, …) can damage its beauty, its grip, and therefore its functionality. It is, however, waterproof, so it wont harm if it gets wet, although it is difficult to play with it when it is wet (as it is slippery).


Neither water nor soap will harm it, and in fact, you need them because if the stick gets dirty, it will become more slippery and it will be more difficult to play with. It is therefore a good idea to wipe it gently from time to time with a damp, soapy sponge or cloth. It is very durable, but don’t wipe it with a rough sponge or dirty cloth, as this can badly affect the grip and therefore the play.

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