New fiberglass, new silicone-tube

Several significant improvements were made at this time. The fiberglass we had been using was a rigid 10mm diameter tube with only a silicone strip wrapped around it, which only partially covered the sticks, so the grip was not quite right. From then on, however, we used a 6mm thin, solid, lightweight fiberglass rod, covered with a transparent silicone tube, which also improved the grip. With the lighter fiberglass stick, even the smaller ones could easily succeed, and thanks to its flexibility, our flowerstick has become suitable for finer tricks and also for kicks. Thanks to the silicone tube, not only has the lifespan of the sticks increased, but its better grip has also made the tricks easier. From then on, we no longer used inner tyre rubber at the making of the handsticks (except for the tassels on the flowersticks), as we covered them exclusively with silicone tubing. This year was a big step: our flowerstick became better, more beautiful and more long-lasting.

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