Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which kind of XtremestiX is best for me?

There are 4 types of sticks in our selection (WoodiX, FiberiX, ProfiX and LuminiX), so you can definitely choose the most suitable for yourself. The size of the sticks are the same (shaft is 50cm ( (63 with tassels) and handsticks are 42 cm long) which is suitable for everyone between the age of 6 and 99.









The difference between the four types is mainly the material we use (wood or fiberglass). The fiberglass is unbreakable which makes the stick suitable for foot tricks, and thanks to its flexibility and lighter weight, it also helps doing the more advanced tricks easier.

When you start to learn how to play, at the beginning you wouldn’t really notice the disadvantage of the sticks made of wood, but later on when you learn the more difficult tricks, when you’re over the basics, you would definitely take a note of how much easier it is to play with the fiberglass ones.

Having a stick made of wood means you’re more prone to the risk of breaking it, which don’t usually happen while you play, but it’s more likely you forget you left it on the bed for instance and you sit on it and that’s it: it breaks.

The cover of the flower sticks and the handsticks are the same in all the four categories; they all have extra sticky silicone tube coating which gives strong adherence for the quick and spectacular tricks,  and also makes it more resistant to avoid little accidents. It is definitely worth to try it even if you have a different type of devil stick. Trust me, it won’t be the same. 🙂

WoodiX:  Its material only serves its purpose alone. All the pieces of the set are made of wood and they all come in one colour. Not recommended for foot tricks (kicking).

FiberiX: Made from fiberglass which is – compared to the wood sticks – is much nicer, better and makes it more fun to learn the tricks easier and quicker. Not to forget that it is impossible to destroy it. Just try it, be brave, just kick it as hard as you want to. Its handsticks are made from wood which wont’t make much of a difference when you play with them but as for how long they’re gonna last… well, just be gentle with them. 🙂 They won’t break while you play, but one little mistake is enough (leaving them on the bed, sitting on them) and you can’t play with them anymore (unless you order one from our website, which is pretty easy :))); yes you can order the handsticks on it’s own too.

ProfiX: All parts of the set are unbreakable. Comparing to the basic fiberglass sticks, here even the handsticks are made of fiberglass and they are not only black; they have vivid, beautiful UV-active colour.

LuminiX: Expose it to light and it’ll give you a spectacular game, not only in dark but also in dusk. Above that we chose the best of the best materials for creating them, and its tassels are made from a really elegant, top-grade white rubber.

Sortiment Price Material (main stick) Lenght  (main stick) Weight (main stick) Handstick Recommended for those, ..
WoodiX 20 EUR wood 50cm (63 with tassels) 160g wood ideal for those who are on a low budget and saving money is the priority
FiberiX 25 EUR fiberglass 50cm (63 with tassels) 150g wood for those who want a good quality one but still careful with money – really economical.
ProfiX 35 EUR fiberglass 50cm (63 with tassels) 150g fiberglass for those who want to buy them and have them for a lifetime
LuminiX 55 EUR fiberglass + glows 50cm (63 with tassels) 150g fiberglass + glows for those who only want the best and most beautiful, nothing else

.All of our products are recommended for the ages between 6 and 99.                     

If you still not sure which one to choose, contact our friendly teamcontact us.

2. How does the guarranty policy work?

We provide for all our product a forever-life guarantee supposed normal using of the product.

If your stick broke down during normal use, we repair or replace it. In this case you just have to send it back to us. First we investigate it, and if possible repair it. If not, You can choose a brand new one, from our actual sortiment.

Read all the details in the General terms and Conditions.

3. How can I order, and how do I get it?

After You put the chosen stick into basket, You must give your data and the destination address. Here You will see how much your order costs (product price + shipping cost). You can pay also by PayPal, or using your bank card

Shipping fee: 9 € within the EU and 22 € outside the EU

In Europe, the shipping takes 3-5 working days after ordering. In other continents (America, Asia, Africa, Australia)  5-10 days. If it does not arrive until the above mentioned, contact us and we reflect in 24 hours. If there is still something we can help, please contact us

4. How to treat the sticks?

Wood sticks needs more care, because of beeing breakable, and – except ProfiX -the hand sticks of other kind of XtremestiX is also made from wood. During normal „play” use, these will not break but the most frequent mistake is for exapmle like leaving it on the bed, forgetting about it and sitting down…


5. How can I clean the sticks?

When the stick gets dirty, it is disadvanaged for not just the beauty, but also the adhesion. In this case You can clean it with water or soapy water, but take care, not using too much water, because it makes not good for the tassel. When ths silicone is wet (after cleaning, rain or dew), it is also very slippery but after getting dry, it will look and behave like new.

6. Why is Xtremestix unique among devilsticks and flowersticks?

XtremestiX is not either an average flowerstick or devilstick, because all the parts of the set was formed to serve the durability, attractivity, and easy gaming for all ages above 6 years. The selected wood materials, the sepcially flexible fiberglass core, and the specially improved silicon serve all this. If You like the game, and would like to learn to spin, You are on the right place.

7. Does it have fishing line, magnet or any kind of „cheats” in the game?

No, it does not have. The only thing which keeps the stick in the air is the grip of the special silicone cover, the vibratory rubber-tassels (weights) at the end of the main stick and the dynamism. These all increase the control of the main stick and the playability.

8. What is the devilstick/ flowerstick? - History & benefits


The products you find on this site is officially called flowerstick, but most people know it as devilstick, which word comes from a Greek word (diaballo = throw), which was associated to the word: devil. The first find of devilstick was found in a 5.000 years old Egyptian grave. It was made from lemon tree, and on the paintings on the grave’s wall were women, playing with them. A longer kind of devilstick can be also be found in the ancient china. They used itt o their dances, and their soldiers played them for relaxation and filling up with energy before fight. Chinese improved also the tassel on the ends of stick. The North American Indians also knew it and they decorated them first with colourful tassel, made by skin, and probably they were the first, who made it burn. They did not use it for playing, but as an equipment of their magic ritual. Devilstick was first brought to Europe from China in the end of the 18th century and it’s spread was thanks to the 1960’s ages hippie era.

Nowadays flowerstick/ devilstick  is spreading quicker than ever as a skill developing game, relaxation equipment, and sport.


Devilstick is a great opportunity to be creative. You just have to know the basics of the game, and You can already invent your own tricks. Practicing also exercises the brain and helps disabilities such as attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, problem solving, … . It works also both sides of the body, improving the weaker side too (right hand, left hand).

Playing devilstick also relaxes the mind, letting no space for other thinking. Playing while music is on gives the best „switching off”, and also improving rhythm and timing.

Playing devilstick is a great opportunity to self-confidence building, because trick seems to be impossible can be learn quickly, and there will be always challenges, because the numbers of tricks are endless.

There are many area in skills, what devilstick-playing helps:

  • better reflexes,
  • improvement in concentration
  • moving coordination
  • rhythm
  • eye-hand coordination
  • motor skills
  • relaxation
  • increase parts of brain


There are some difference between flowerstick and devilstick:

1. Devilstick is usually shorter than flower stick

2. Devilstick has no tassels on the end of the main stick.

3. Devilstick (main stick) has thinner middle with the diameter increasing towards the ends

4. Devilstick has no tacky wrapping (just bare shaft)

XtremestiX is officially flowerstick, because it has tassels on the ends, the diameter of the shaft is also constant like in case of flowersticks, and it also has tacky wrapping on the shaft. The main difference from official flowerstick is that it is shorter than usually flowersticks are to make it easier playing for children. It also ensures more tricks and faster spinning

That is why XtremestiX cannot be compared to any other sticks, so You can call it devilstick and flowerstick too.

The function of the game

During playing, we control the main stick with our handles, while the centrifugal force, the adhesion and the tassels (weight) helps our game. There are endless tricks with hand, foot, or with any parts of the body.

9. How long does it take to learn to play?

No one can play flowerstick for first sight, but anyone can learn to do it. The basic moves can be learnt during a few minutes or some hours, and after few days or weeks not just other tricks can work, but the game will be also more fluent and more attractive. Even you will be able to do combos, and you will feel the development every day, which gives you fluent motivation. Everything depends on PRACTICE! The game cannot be finished learning, because the endless tricks. If you think you can all the tricks, try to do it with the other hand, or with two hands, or foot, or neck, or … 🙂 Our tutorial videos give you much help in it.

10. What happenes to my datas, given by offering?

XtremestiX never shares customer data with third parties. We only use it to process your order. and if you agree, we provide you tips & tricks via e-mail.

11. Can I call off my order?

Until our e-mail about shiping arrives You still have the opportunity, to call off the order.

12. Can I also sell XtremestiX?

If You would like to be one of our reseller, please connect us.