Yellow – Flowerstick


Monochrome, UV-active, lemon colour 10 mm thick wooden flowersticks with black 10 mm thick wooden handsticks.

Each piece of the kit is covered with 2 mm thick extra gripping silicone, which makes it extremely easy to play with it.

The yellow colour of the flowerstick glows under UV light, but it also looks as if it’s illuminating at twilight and is very bright by itself, which makes the game very spectacular.

The tassels are made of extremely flexible and durable rubber in just the right weight to provide the perfect swing for anyone aged 6-107. Their design makes the stick suitable for “hooking” tricks. That’s when you place the handstick against the edge of the tassel and spin the flowerstick this way.

Since both the flowerstick and the 2 handsticks are covered with extremely gripping silicone, the whole set is particularly easy to control.

The wooden stick is not recommended for leg tricks, as it can break under greater force. It is also not recommended for beginners, as it is heavier and much stiffer than its fiberglass counterpart, making it more difficult to learn the tricks with it.

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  • Material: wood (flowerstick and handstick)
  • Length (flowerstick): 50 cm stick, (63 cm with tassels)
  • Length (handstick): 42 cm
  • Weight (flowerstick): 160 g
  • Stick diameter: 10 mm (flowerstick and handstick)
  • Silicone thickness: 2,5 mm
  • Tassels: black, flexible, hard-wearing rubber
  • Decoration: monochrome, UV-active


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