Red ProfiX – Devilstick


Many people call this devilstick orange, but we also have a lot more orange than this one.

Both the devilstick and the handsticks glow brightly in UV light, but they also stand out beautifully from their surroundings in normal light and look really nice when you spin them.

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Estimated delivery date 06/10/2023
Delivery cost is 9 € in the EU, 22 € outside
  • fibreglass devilstick, fibreglass handsticks
  • 50 cm stick (63 cm with tassels)
  • 42 cm
  • 150 g
  • 5 mm devilstick, 10 mm handsticks
  • 3 mm on devilstick, 2,5 mm on handsticks
  • black, flexible, hard-wearing rubber
  • UV-active, multi-coloured (yellow-black) on both devilstick and handsticks


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Estimated delivery date 06/10/2023