Jamaica ProfiX – Flower sticks


We make the flowerstick from flexible (only 5mm in diameter) yet unbreakable fibreglass, which makes it lightweight and suitable for all ages to also perform their best tricks.

Thanks to its flexible material it provides the longest possible contact with the handsticks, which makes it especially easy for you to control/manage/ the game. This, combined with the fact that all the pieces in the kit are covered with extra gripping silicone, ensures that you can quickly learn the basics of the game and perform some really spectacular tricks later on. And all this with an incredible speed even J

This is the most popular choice of our ProfiX flowersticks. No wonder, as it is UV-active in all its forms, and the bright yellow goes well with the beautiful green colour. The tassels are also decorated in yellow, which looks great during spinning. The kit is completed with the green handsticks with black painting, matching the colour of the flower stick. They are also made of unbreakable fiberglass, of course.

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Estimated delivery date 22/04/2024
Delivery cost is 9 € in the EU, 22 € outside
  • fibreglass flowerstick, fibreglass handsticks
  • 50 cm stick (63 cm with tassels)
  • 42 cm
  • 150 g
  • 5 mm flowerstick, 10 mm handsticks
  • 3 mm on flowerstick, 2,5 mm on handsticks
  • black, flexible, hard-wearing rubber
  • UV-active, multi-coloured (yellow-black) on both flowerstick and handsticks


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