Ocean ProfiX – Flowerstick


The combination of yellow and blue is a favourite for many flowerstick lovers.

The colours of the sea and sunshine complement each other perfectly. The handsticks are blue, just like the base colour of the flowerstick. The yellow patterns appear in the centre of the stick and on the tassels. The UV-active colour of the tassels is particularly striking during play (when spinning).

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Delivery cost is 9 € in the EU, 22 € outside
  • fibreglass flowerstick, fibreglass handsticks
  • 50 cm stick (63 cm with tassels)
  • 42 cm
  • 150 g
  • 5 mm flowerstick, 10 mm handsticks
  • 3 mm on flowerstick, 2,5 mm on handsticks
  • black, flexible, hard-wearing rubber
  • UV-active, multi-coloured (yellow-black) on both flowerstick and handsticks


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Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023
Estimated delivery date 05/06/2023