Yellow ProfiX – Flowerstick


One of our best handmade flowersticks. The main stick is 5 mm thick, and the handsticks are made from 10 mm fiberglass.

All the pieces in the kit are durable, and the flowerstick itself is also flexible, which makes for wonderfully subtle tricks and great dynamics for a spectacular game. All covered in silicone that gives a great grip, so you’ll have to bend down less often to pick up a fallen stick.

It provides easy learning and playing opportunities for everyone, from beginners to advanced levels, as well as spectacular tricks.

Our ProfiX sticks are different from the entry-level FiberiX sticks in two ways. Firstly, not only the flowersticks, but also the handsticks are made of unbreakable fiberglass, so you can also safely flick them around. The other is that the handsticks have been given a bright UV-active decoration to match the colour of the flowerstick.

The flowerstick is UV-active, lemon colour with a black “splashy” decoration that glows in UV light but also appears to illuminate at twilight. It also has a very bright colour to start with, which makes playing with it quite spectacular. All our pieces are completely unique. No one will ever have one like this 🙂

We make the tassels from flexible and particularly durable rubber. They are well balanced, and the weight is suitable for any tricks for all ages.

The flowerstick is also perfect for leg tricks and kicks, as it is made of a sturdy yet flexible material. But if you want, you can also spin it gently between your fingers, roll it around your body, or do any kind of contact juggling. It will work J

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Estimated delivery date 24/06/2024
Delivery cost is 9 € in the EU, 22 € outside
  • fibreglass flowerstick, fibreglass handsticks
  • 50 cm stick (63 cm with tassels)
  • 42 cm
  • 150 g
  • 5 mm flowerstick, 10 mm handsticks
  • 3 mm on flowerstick, 2,5 mm on handsticks
  • black, flexible, hard-wearing rubber
  • UV-active, multi-coloured (yellow-black) on both flowerstick and handsticks


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