Aron’s Sparkle – Flowerstick


We produce the flowerstick from flexible (and thin) yet unbreakable fiberglass which will make it perfect for all ages to perform even the best tricks. And what’s more?… It is a glowing flowerstick!

Thanks to its flexible material, it glides over the handsticks during play, making it very easy to handle. This, together with the extra gripping silicone coating, that covers all parts of the kit, guarantees you a quick learning of the basics of the game and really spectacular tricks later on.

Named after our friend Áron, this glow in the dark flowerstick is his favourite. But he’s not the only one who likes it; many people do. A real clown stick, a true variety of colours, decorated with all our UV-active colours. And to top it all off, it also glows in the dark. Its white tassels make it elegant, and its colour-coordinated handsticks make it the perfect kit.

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Delivery cost is 9 € in the EU, 22 € outside
  • fibreglass flowerstick, fibreglass handsticks
  • 50 cm stick (63 cm with tassels)
  • 42 cm
  • 150 g
  • 5 mm flowerstick, 10 mm handsticks
  • 3 mm on flowerstick, 2,5 mm on handsticks
  • white, flexible, hard-wearing rubber
  • beautifully decorated, limited edition, unique fluorescent and UV- active


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Estimated delivery date 22/04/2024
Estimated delivery date 22/04/2024